Cat With Googly Eyes That Has a Permanently Startled Look Is Instagram Famous

A ginger cat named “Potato” has got his taste of fame on Instagram thanks to his unique set of bulging eyes. The 5-year-old kitty from Scottdale, Arizona, that seems to be in a permanent state of amazement has people wondering if his natural pair of googly eyes are real.

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More than two years ago, Ashley Norlien, 21, adopted Potato. As any cat owner, Ashley too started to click pictures of her odd-eyed kitty and upload them on Instagram. Since then, Potato has grown from a "few snaps online to his post as an internet sensation," according to his website. "People immediately noticed there was something different about his eyes," Ashley said, according to The Metro. The wide-eyed feline now has a massive following of over 69,000 followers and is adored by fans from around the world for his unique appearance.