Divers Catch Vibrant but Deadly 'Blue-Ringed' Octopus on Film Off Australian Coast

The southern blue-ringed octopus is mesmerizing in its beauty. Don’t get too attached, though. The venom in the cephalopod is strong enough to cause respiratory failure in a human with just one bite—and this is an octopus that isn’t afraid to lash out if it feels threatened.

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These deadly but beautiful creatures live in tide pools and coral reefs, where humans sometimes spot them during adventurous dives and forays under the waves around the Pacific and Indian Oceans. For those who aren't particularly willing to head out on their own for a glimpse, though, National Geographic shared a video taken of the impressive and terrifying ocean dwellers on social media this month—both attracting attention and reminding viewers just how deadly and venomous the octopus can be.