Meet Rosefinches, The Little Birds That Have A Gorgeous Plumage And Melodious Voice

Have you ever seen pink bird before? You think It isn’t real but yes it is real. The more you think you’ve seen all the beauties this world holds, the furthest to the truth you find out you are. Maybe unicorns are not true, but this bird you will see in the following pictures looks just as magical and mystical as them, but with one difference it is true, it exists

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These gorgeous pink birds are mostly found in Eurasia and the Americas with over 20 different species. Looking at different species of birds is such a great pastime that it has even spawned many career fields and hobbies. Today, we are talking about the gorgeous Rosefinch which truly blossoms like a pink lotus or rose. You can easily recognize them due to its red and pink plumage. They arise from the passerine birds of the finch family Fringillida. Their melody is sweet and pleasing to the ears and is said to have a three-note whistling tune