Wildlife Officials Rescue Rare Yellow Turtle From a Dam in India, and It Goes Viral

A rare bright-yellow turtle was rescued by forest officials in eastern India’s Balasore Village on Sunday July 19. Now, the shelled reptile, which looks more like a lemon, is garnering worldwide media attention.

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The turtle was spotted by locals from Sujanpur Village, located 196 kilometers from Bhubaneswar in the state of Odisha, before being handed over to the forest department after they were informed about the reptile, Reuters reported. Wildlife officials believe the turtle's yellow hue is due to albinism—a rare genetic condition that inhibits the production of pigment that gives animals their color. Albinos can be found among a wide range of animals, and in humans. It affects skin, scales, fur, and feathers, as well as the eyes and hair. "The whole shell and the body of the rescued turtle is yellow. This is a rare turtle, I have never seen one like this," wildlife warden Bhanoomitra Acharya was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.