World's Tiniest Rodeo: Photographer Captures Frog Riding A Beetle

Yee-haw! Welcome to the world’s tiniest little rodeo featuring Mr. Beetle the rodeo bull and Mr. Frog the champion bull rider. You have never seen a show quite like this before, and it’s all thanks to talented wildlife photographer Hendy Mp, and the two adorable subjects he happened to stumble upon. Hendy Mp lives in Kalimantan […]

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Hendy Mp lives in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia, and he wasn't far from home when the rodeo-crazed wildlife captured his eye. He saw the Reinwardt's Flying Frog approach the giant horned wood-boring beetle, and climb right on top. Lucky for all of us, he captured the incredible sight on film for the world to see. 25-year-old Mp says, "'It was such an amazing moment, the frog just saw the beetle and decided to crawl on top." He adds, "The frog was on the beetle for five minutes and the insect was just happily running around."